Willowdale Hall of Fame item: Bazooka Bubble Gum. In the 1980’s we were consumed by the Cola wars, but long before the Cola Wars, there were two candy companies battling for our pennies in the bubble gum segment; FLEER with their coveted “Dubble Bubble” vs. Topps with their colourful “Bazooka Bubble Gum”. There were slight differences in the two, a slightly different texture and a slightly different flavour between each. There was no right or wrong choice, personal preference was it… and if you couldn’t make up your mind, it could be broken down to your Pud vs. Bazooka Joe allegiance. The struggles were real back then. Here at KillSwitch®, we do not discriminate, and if you’re with us, you might consider one of each?


T-Shirt: $30+shipping
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Sweatshirt: $42+shipping
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