Blueberry Krate or Apple Krate! The all new for 1968 Schwinn STING-RAY muscle bike series… inspired by the colourful muscle car craze of the late 1960’s! KillSwithch® has put together a complete line of graphics of each STING-RAY Model, you can collect them all, or represent your favourite flavour! And don’t forget, all designs are also available on MUGS and/or Sweatshirts too. Anyone of these designs can also be ordered with the “Willowdale My Generation HoF” emblem by special request.

Available Flavours:

– Orange Krate
– Apple Krate
– Blueberry Krate
– Coal Krate
– Grape Krate
– Pea Picker
– Lemon Peeler

T-Shirt: $30+shipping
Mug: $24+shipping
Sweatshirt: $42+shipping
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