Willowdale Hall of Fame item: LOLA! Exclusivly brought to you by KillSwitch®! This is the original (re-created by us) “LOLA packaging”. What more can we, or anyone, say… other than “KING of the brain-freeze treats!” If you grew up in Willowdale, chances are you consumed many of these frozen triangles over the course of every summer. If you survived the brain-freeze, there was only one more hurdle to overcome, the sugar induced coughing fit – then, you were all refreshed, ready to hop back on your bicylce and were all good to go.

If there is interest in this design (which we expect there might be), More flavours will be available. Send some feedback if you’re interested.

T-Shirt: $30+shipping
Mug: $24+shipping
Sweatshirt: $42+shipping
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