The K-tel Label T-Sirt! K-tel’s GREATEST HITS compilation records were for many an introduction into the world of vinyl LP record collecting. With these records, K-Tel gave us a little taste of the various music scenes of the day by showcasing many of the top commercial artists all on one record. It was both  revolutionary and novelty at the same time… bottom line, you could (at the very least) find one song in that list of 22 Fantastic hits that would get your foot tapping. Once your record collection got big enough, there was always the K-tel Record Selector and various other gimmicks available to purchase – marketing at its cheesiest! (Listed on the label are 16 of the most popular LP’s of the 70’s from “Super BAD” to “Juke Box Jive!”)

T-Shirt: $30+shipping
Mug: $24+shipping
Sweatshirt: $42+shipping
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