Willowdale Hall of Fame item: The Willow! For so many that grew up in Willowdale (and surrounding areas), this hallowed Theatre was Ground Zero. It would NOT be a stretch to say that for many of us, our first ever “movie experience” took place in this very building. The excitement of lining up around the corner (on Norton Ave.) with all of your friends, along that big white north wall, as you waited for that box office to open… was priceless. From the innocence of locking your bicycle to the “steel ‘EXIT’ railings” when you arrived, to walking in and seeing those big iconic amoeba shapes on the walls, what a rush! You can almost smell the popcorn cooking just inside those big glass enterance doors when you see this KillSwitch® original [minimalist] rendering of the holiest of all movie neighbourhood theatres: The Willow Theatre.

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